This page is dedicated to Seiko, Fujita Soke's art of Jujutsu (Nanban Satto-ryu Kempo). This Art was passed on to our Pan-Am Shito-Kai Director Shihan Kunio Murayama. We will list the origins and the present teachings of this rare grappling art on this website.                                                    

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Our adult grappling classes are for everyone. Based on Self-Defense and not Competition but can compete if desired. Focused on you in mind in today's society.


Repetition of movements are a Key to responsive, reflexive and quick thinking when time is of essence.


Today's Youth in mind also learn this rare art in the Judo sense. They gain Confidence, Teamwork and Leadership. All classes taught by Japan Karate-do certified Instructors. Attend competitions throughout the U.S.A. and International events.

Judo (Grappling) for Kids

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